Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walking for a Cure

I have a been a bad blogger lately. & for that, I apologize.

There has been a lot going on in the Stone Household:
  • Twin's Birthday
  • Dalton's First Birthday 
  • Holidays
  • Running Only Prettier my lil' business
  • Driving to Cali with the 3 kids BY MYSELF!!
  • Drawing up plans to build a new house {very excited!! more to come}
  • & Most importantly, fundraising for Susan G. Komen Race for The Cure
Throw in everyday duties and my regular job, and I hardly have time to eat ice cream.

The twins' birthday went very well!! We celebrated 3 years of their amazing, little lives.

I would normally post pictures here... EXCEPT, I dropped my old lap top and all the pictures are still on it :(

Dalton's birthday mostly family and a lot smaller. We all had a fantastic time. He's such a charmer.

Then of course... right after birthdays we have Christmas. This year was particularly fantastic!! Alexandra and Gray were very aware of Santa Claus and Baby Jesus.

Christmas morning was very memorable. I am loving this age. Except for the temper tantrums, ALEXANDRA.

Mama & Alex

Daddy & Dal

My sweet face

Gray w/ a box as big as him!!

My princess... and her goofy smile. I am not sure what that's about!!

Christmas Morning... he got LOTS of Thomas goodies... boy he looks skinny here. ECK!

How great is this!?!?1? LOVE

Okay, there was a little look into our Holidays.

I would show you pics of California BUT, I lost my camera at Disneyland. :( It is the most horrible feeling I have had in a really long time. I don't care about my camera... just the images and videos I captured.

For instance, Alex is O B S E S S E D with Tinkerbell. We, Mom/ Grandma the three kids and I, waited 45 mins to meet her. I video Alex's first reactions to Tink. Took tons of pictures etc. Now, they are gone. :(

Anyways... The trip was fantastic. WE always love to catch up with the family. However, my grandma/ Omi, was sick :( so we only saw her once!!! UGH. Not fair. Hopefully she will come out this Spring.

Other things going on... Dalton is walking like a mad mad (since November) but only says a few words. We are working on that though.

Alexandra is very smart!! You can have a conversation with her.

Gray... he is very into Monster Trucks and video games right now. Such a boy.

Me... I am working. I am creating for Only Prettier. & Most importantly, I am fundraising for Susan G. Komen Race for The Cure on April 9 in Ft. Worth Texas.

Late last year, my mom (who is in remission for cervical cancer), had a breast cancer scare. Currently, her doctor's are watching her very closely.

Too many people have been affected by this. WE NEED TO FIND A CURE.

Any donation amount helps.

In fact, if you follow my links to my page and donate $10 or more to the cause, I will give you a free hot pink rosette on your choice of skinnyband or alligator clip

It is very chic... and very lady like. Or it can be very rock and roll!! Just depnds on how you dress with it. I love how it's so universal.

Be on the look out for more posts. As I am trying to be a better blogger again.