Monday, June 16, 2008

The Twins' Check-Up

Ooohhh MY goodness!!

Taking your babies (no matter how old they are) to the doctor is never fun. They know something is going on... and then the tears start and that's when my heart breaks.

On Friday, the twins went in for their 6 month appointment. Yes, I know it was a little late but that was because there was a scheduling issue. I was told the 29 and the secretary marked in the 27.

Anyways... the twins did so well considering they got 3 ENORMOUS shots in their little thighes. Seriously, the needles were the length of my pinky. They were HUGE! My little monsters even bleed a little. Sad.

Oh, and my measurements I did the other day were completely OFF! I don't know what happened. Alexandra is 24 3/4 '' long which is 10% and she weighes 16.4lbs which is 50%. Her weight for height is 75% hahahah she's a bit plump. But I don't care. She's her mama's cuppy cakey.

As for brother, he is 26'' long which is 25% and he weighes 16.5 which is 10%. We all know he is long and lean mama's little green bean ;)

Other then that, they had an iron test done (both were fine) and just the normal check up. Ears, eyes, lungs, heart everything is great!! I am so happy and blessed that they are healthy.