Tuesday, February 17, 2009

15 Month Check Ups!!

First, our Pediatrician, Dr. Elizabeth Dickey, is awesome!! I am so glad our friends Ashley and Brad suggested her.

My family had/ has a wonderful relationship with my pediatrician, Dr. Kenneth Keer and I was hoping to find a pedi for the kids that would be similar, and we have. Dr. Dickey well definitely be apart of our children's lives as Dr. Keer was apart of mine.

Back to the check ups!!

Grayson and Alexandra are 15 months, as of yesterday. I can't believe how quickly time continues to fly. I thought that when the new was over, that things would slow down. Boy was I wrong in more ways than one.

Mainly, the "new" never wears off!! It's still here. Everyday with the twins is new. Not to mention, time still flys by like a 16 year old in a new sports car; FAST!!!

Unlike the teenager in a sports car, our appointment was anything but fast.

Alexandra, Gray and I got to our 1 pm appointment at 12:55pm. I got them unloaded and proceeded into the lobby. OH boy!! Dr. Dickey's facilities have huge aquariums and the kiddos LOVE to watch the fish swim by. In fact, Alex is trying to say "fish" now.

We were called back where the nurses weighed, temped and measured each of the babies/ toddlers. Here are their stats:

height: 30 3/4'' tall (58%)
weight: 21 lbs 13 1/4 oz (32%)
head circumference: 46 cm (52%)
height: 31 1/2'' tall (61%)
weight: 21 lbs 3 1/4 oz (8%)
head circumference: 46 1/2 cm (29%)
We will start with Alex since she's the oldest.

Alexandra is doing very well. Dr. Dickey was impressed with how interactive Alex was/is. Dr. Dickey said her stats are doing very well, and that there was a spike in her height. YAY!! Alex has never been over the 23 percentile in height. This is a huge growth spurt and accomplishment.

Grayson, on the other hand, is not doing as well. His vocabulary is still about 5 words when he should be at around 10. I am working on it though. Gray and I are having "mommy and Gray" time when I read to him and do phonics. I know Grayson understands what I am saying... he just isn't talking quite yet. His height also spiked!! YAY!! He has never been over the 47 percentile for height. Though his height is doing well, his weight is not.

Grayson has always been on the thin side (long and lean like daddy) but now he's in the 8 percentile. That's not good. I have been feeding him high caloric foods but he's still not gaining. So, Dr. Dickey gave me a recipe for protein milk and encouraged me to feed him things like hummus, lentils, tofu, etc.

Because of Gray's weight and speech, we have to see Dr. Dickey in 3 months for another check up. Alex doesn't have to go back until her 2 year old check.

If any of you readers have a good lentils or tofu recipe, please leave me a comment!! Being half Greek, I know how to make hummus... I just can't make it as spicy :)