Monday, February 2, 2009

Lady w/ 14 children!!

Most people around me know how disappointed I am in this woman who even dares to call herself a mother!!

How can one individual be so selfish to bring 14 children into the world when they obviously can't take care of themselves.

I am referring to the So Cal woman who just had octuplets which was added to her 6 other children.

She lives at home with her parents in a 3 bedroom home.

All 14 children were conceived via IVF!! She has no father for those children. And who knows if they are all from the same sperm donors.

And did I mention how irresponsible the freaken DOCTOR was!??! There is no reason he/ she should have implanted 8 embryos in an obviously fertile woman.

There are SO many women in this world who a) can't get pregnant b) can't afford IVF c) have been let down sooo many times with miscarriages that they no longer feel like they can be a mother. These women deserve their heart to be filled with the sounds of baby giggles.

I thank the Lord each and every day for the blessings He has brought me.

And in the long run, I know He has a plan for this woman and there's a reason this situation is occuring.


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anne said...

why doesn't everyone just leave this woman alone....what about jon & kate plus 8 or 17 kids and counting, oh that's right, they have there own show because they have all these kids. I do agree with the doctor being irresponsible, I had IVF in Massachusettes and I believe they passed a law that they can only implant 3 embreyos in you. After 6 miscarriages I conceived with a little healthy boy who is 5 now. I was pregnant with twins but lost his sister. I just think people do not know her situation and should just leave her alone. I do hope and pray that she showers her children with so much love. Maybe she should have her own show....I'm sure the shows that are on for the 2 other families are helping them out financially. I hope this woman has a lot of support from family and friends and I wish her the very best.

Kristi said...


There are many different reasons why Jon and Kate and the Duggers were not mention in my post. For one, they are a married family who's being FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE for their children. The Goslins and the Duggers do not live in a 3 bedroom home with their parents.

Not to mention, Kate did not ask the doctors to implant 8 embryos.

If you were a reader of my blog, you would know, that I have fertility issues as well. But I am married, in a loving relationship and have the means to support my children. I am not looking for donations nor government help.

If this lady, Nadya Suleman, was a signle parent but financially able to provide for her children, I wouldn't care. But she's not. And that's why everyone is making a big deal.

She is being IRRESPONSIBLE, and the children will suffer from it in the long run.

Thank you for your comments though.

Anonymous said...

I think your wrong It doesnt matter if she has money or not i 16 kids and i live mother i dont have money and i struggle everday to feed them.... at the end of the day when my kids fall asleep i love to watch them sleep i think they should leave her alone and jon KATE should be cut off and put a show forNadya Suleman only

Kristi said...


You are more then welcome to your own opinion, as I am to mine.

I don't feel it's the Governments duty, or the Tax Payers' duty to raise someone elses child/children.

Short term financial help is one thing... it's another thing to soak the system.

If you are "adult" enough to get pregnant and have a child. Then be "adult" enough to raise that child.

Natasha2505 said...

Ok well all i can say is i am really disapointed in a so called christian woman who wrote this. You dont judge , god does. Number 2, It's really not your business how many or ho much this woman has. Shes a loveing mother and she does her best and no one , I said no one can ask for more. You have no right to say shes wroung when your wroung. The right thing to do here is pray and wish her only the best.Thank god that all of her children are alive and healthy. How do you feel when someone downs your mother? I think your all abunch of hens just looking for problems and drama. Ya know misery loves company. all i can say is my prayers are with this woman as well as you, cause by the looks of it you need a little bit of faith restored to you

God bless

Kristi said...


Thank you for your opinion regarding my post.

I have one question, did you read my post and understand it?

If so, what exactly is your issue?

Is it the fact that I said Nadya Suleman was being irresponsible for living at home with her parents in a 3 bedroom house with 14 children... which means 17 people in a 3 bedroom house.

Or is it that I said the doctor was being irresponsible for impanting so many embryos?

I feel that you are ranting and raving about the situation but your rant doesn't really address my topic and/ or concerns.

As for being a Christian and not judging are correct. Christians shouldn't judge and I dont feel I was judging.

I was using facts that have been provided. This lady is not mentally stable. She does not have a proper enviroment for her children. I was stating the facts.

I pray for her children. And I pray for her to get the much needed mental treatment.


Anonymous said...

keep your facts and opinions to yourself and impart a little bit of hope and respect into your thoughts. To say you werent being judgemental is a obviously don't realise the incredible capability and gifts that have been imparted into this womans life