Monday, February 9, 2009

Park and Play

The twins love going to the park!! Especially now, since they are able to do a little bit more. And it seems like everytime we go to the park, they learn something new.
I love them discovering and learning new things. Aww to be a clean slate again.
Last week went to the park. It was supposed to be really nice... 75ish, however, it was quite chilly and very windy!!
But since we were there and meeting our friends there, we thought we'd play for a bit.
Alex and Gray usually don't play in the sand because I am afraid they will eat it. This day was different though. I felt they needed to experience sand... experience the texture, the movement the softness. And much to my surprise they didn't eat it!! :)
We swang a bit while at the park... and said hi to the geese.
These geese are very friendly and HUGE!! Unfortunately, I was chasing Gray down so I wasn't able to take very many pictures.
Now that the twins are walking a bit, I am trying to let them walk along side me instead of putting them in their stroller. Sometimes it's successful, sometimes it's a lot of work. But it's all a learning experience and sooner or later, they will have it mastered.


Tawney said...

I wish i lived over there so i could watch these little goobers grow up in front of my eyes... I miss you sis so much. I hope that i can come visit soon... but for now i am out on my vacation time. I love you and thank you for your comments i agree very much with all that you had said. Hugs... many kisses.... talk to you soon.