Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big Dogs = Cows

As I am loading up my groceries at Tom Thumb, my phone rings... "'Cause ever since you were a little bitty teeny girl... You said I was the only man in this whole world... Now you better do some thinkin' then you'll find... You got the only daddy that'll walk the line "; It was my dad calling.

Surprisingly, he called to ask if he could come out for a few days and visit the kids and I. It was a pleasant surprise and I said sure. The next shocker came when I asked him when and he said in two days!! LOL

My house was a mess... and I was a bit scattered but I couldn't turn him down!! Plus, I enjoy seeing the kids with their grandparents :)

So, the next day was spent putting up the boxes we packed, and putting the guest room back together. Boy were my calves sore from going up and down those stairs. I swear... I must have done it 100 times!!

My dad's visit was great. Alex and Gray really enjoyed him and the cookies he brought them. Plus, it was nice hanging with my dad. I don't think I have spent that much time with him since I was a teenager!! Which was a LOOONG time ago.
During his stay we went to Cabela's . He was shocked and appalled by the prices LOL. We also looked around Providence Village, where Brian and I want to move and we visited with Craig and Terry. Not to mention we went to the Stock Yards on Saturday night and stuffed our faces at Risky's BBQ.
We ended the stay with a trip to the "land". Which is the ranch in Breckenridge. My Dad, Pops, has never been there and I thought he'd enjoy it.

Brian and I needed to check on the cows and make sure they had water and feed since West Texas is in such a drought.

Plus, some of the heifers are pregnant and we wanted to see if there were any new additions to the family :)

This is Hershey... our new heifer.