Monday, March 23, 2009

I can Play the Horn!!

Now, this post is not for the conservative reader. This is your warning.

Lately, I have been leaving the door to the potty open when I go pee-pee so the kids can build interest in the toilet.

They both come in... and close the door. LOL Then they look around and Alex will often say, "Pee-Pee, Pee-Pee" I, in return say, "Yes, mommy going pee-pee on the big girl potty."

Next, Alex and Gray spot the toilet paper!! I don't want them to feel like toilet paper is off limits. I have seen too many houses covered in toilet paper. Instead, I give them each a sheet.

If you live here in Texas, you know all about the wind we have been having along with all the beautiful, rainbowed, wild flowers that are in bloom. The two don't mix well!! And Alex has had a bit of a runny nose because of it.

So yesterday, as I was going pee-pee, Alex came and got her toilet paper sheet. Then she did the most AMAZING thing... She put it up to her little, cute as a button, nose and blew. To my surprise... she had learned how to blow her nose from watching me!!! I was shocked.

I have read that children are usually 3ish before they start blowing their own nose. Alex is 16 months!!

Oh, and the best part of her blowing her nose... is the fact she blew out a big ol' boogey!!

Way to go Alexandra!!


Charmaine said...

I wish my kid would blow his own nose!!

Kristi said...

Aww... just blow your nose when he's around... my two love to mimic me an I sure your little one loves to do the same :)