Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pool Day!!

Only in Texas, do children swim in a wadding pools in April. That's right folks, the monsters and I had a splash-fest last Thursday, April 23!! And boy did we have a great time.

I know there are a lot of new readers to our blog... so let me give some background history. Alexandra and Grayson are water bugs like their mama. In fact, I can't keep them out of the water. They play in the dogs' water bowl, they climb in the empty bath tub in hopes of mommy turning on the water, they splash in puddles, etc. So when they see a pool or a big body of water they get excited and jump and squeal with anticipation of getting wet.

This year, Brian and I decided to get a hard plastic pool versus a blow up pool. A blow up pool just isn't practical for a house with three dogs.

The new pool is awesome!! We got it at Wal-Mart for $29. It is blue hard plastic with images of seashells, sand dollars, and hibiscus flowers. Oh and did I mention the SLIDE!!! Yay, for slides!!

The three of us (Alex, Gray and me) were all able to fit in it comfortably. Just in case anyone was concerned about the size. :)

I think it's very, very important to practice water safety no matter where or what type of water is in question. The water in the pool was approximately 4 inches high and I was out there the whole time with the children. Please, remember to dump all pools out when you are done playing with them. Children are very resourceful and will figure out how to get to the water even if you think it's impossible for them.

Also, make sure to slather that sunscreen on!! SPF 50 or higher. Skin Cancer is not a pretty thing, especially if there are ways to prevent it. Your child is counting on you.

We use Aveeno anytime the children are in the sun. Whether it be for walks... playing in the backyard, parks, or swimming.

Here's some pics of our fun day!