Friday, September 25, 2009

Horsin' Around!!

Like Brian and I, Alexandra and Grayson LOVE animals. Especially large animals like cows and horses.

We have yet been to the zoo, as Brian would like to go with us on our first voyage there... luckily for the twins we are surround by animals and our house is a zoo. HaHaHa. Okay, it's not really a zoo but three dogs can get pretty wild. And don't forget to add our visitor, the gardner snake, to that list. Talk about scaring the poo out of me. Wow!! Thank goodness Brian came home and rescued me from the long, pencil thin, creepy, crawler.

Last weekend, the family attended Horsin' Around at Kyle Ranch in Whitesboro. It's a charity benefit for Whitesboro ISD.

Kyle Ranch is amazing!! Pete and Tamra Kyle (the owners) run a beautiful Horse Ranch...Pete is a NRHA Open World Champion plus he was on the 2008 FEI USA Reining Team. The list goes on and on of Pete's accomplishments. It's truly amazing.

Like Pete's accomplishments, the horses he has on the ranch are amazing.

The kids, Brian and I were in awe. In fact, we could hardly get the kids to leave the "Nays" (horses) to eat BBQ. They wanted to sit and talk to the horses and nay at them. When the horses would dip their heads, Alex and Gray would dip their heads. It was almost as they were communicating.

I am sure Brian and I will be conned into getting them horses eventually. Right now, they are a bit too young. And though I say Brian and I will be "conned" I think the family, in general, would be super excited to have a couple of horses.


Deb said...

so horses too...

Tawney said...

You always have them in the cutest clothes i love it. They are so adorable both of them. I love you sis. Horses... man i want one i should just move out there with you.