Monday, June 21, 2010

Kids Say the Cutest Things

I want to remember the way the twins say certain things... (Dalton doesn't talk yet).

Their dialect is so different. Sometimes, I think Alex thinks she's from the North East. While Gray has a real southern twang as his Grandma says...

And it's such an amazing feeling knowing that I am the person that understands most of what they say. Brian, even as dad, sometimes has to ask me what the kiddos are asking for or saying LOL.

Alex is famous for silly thing:

  1. Twinka Bell - Tinker Bell
  2. Daddy Pepper Dr. Pepper
  3. Mommy Juice - Water
  4. Baby Soups - Bathing Suits {my personal favorite}
  5. Eyes Mama - She wants eyeshadow... so I put some on with a clean brush
  6. Two Tails - Pig Tails
  7. No, Sissy do it!! - She wants to do everything herself
  8. Hi...I sister - She swears her name is Sister
  9. Ooo...pwetty - Something shinny usually... and she wants to wear it.
  10. Mama, we go shopping? Target Mama - Self explanatory!!
Gray is a little more reserved... but very witty: 
  1. M-ore Strawberries?! - Very high pitched and sweet
  2. Eww... poopoos. Stinky poopoos - Anytime he sees anything that looks like poop
  3. No, Al-eee!! - He is the only one who calls Alexandra Allee. {my favorite}
  4.  My tuck!! - My truck
  5. Bad dog. Go to BED!! - He gets so mad if the dogs touch his balls
  6. Teeth? - He wants to brush his teeth
  7. Ut.Oh Sorry mama - When he gets caught red handed doing something!!
  8. Outside? - It doesn't matter the weather or what he's wearing... he wants to be OUTSIDE
  9. Troll Bridge - Any bridge we go over or under. Thank you Dora.
  10. Aaa-CHU Mooom - Anytime I sneeze I get an Aaaa CHU instead of bless you
I love them!!

And I love when I talk to Dalton and he lights up ear to ear. He has a smile that is contagious. I can't wait to hear some of the little phrases that his voice is going to say one day.


Krystyn said...

I just love kiddy-isms. We had "baving soup" for a while here!