Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Alexandra & Alexandra

I feel our family has been very blessed not to have had a lot of medical issues. Especially since, the twins were a few weeks premature. For the most part, we are a healthy bunch!!

Well, that wasn't the case June 10.

Alexandra had been a little moopy that day and complained about a little tummy ache on the upper right side of her abdomen... She didn't want to do much and took a couple of naps. I striked it up to her being worn out as we had a busy few days. It wasn't until I touched her sweet face and realized she was burning up that I got worried!

The first time I temped her, around 5 pm, she was at 102 fever... I gave her some fever reducer and lots of liquids. And was really keeping an eye on her. She showed no other symptoms (e.g. coughing, sneezing, running nose, congestion, diarehea, vomiting).

Her appetite was very minimal at dinner.. so we temped her at dinner: 103.7!! This was a couple of hours after the fever reducer. & she was still complaining about that spot on her abdomen.

At this point... her and I went and sat in a warm/ cool bath to try to get the fever down. We were not able to give her more meds for a bit.

The cool bath did seem to help a bit and afterwards she wanted to go to sleep.

We woke her up for additional dose as she still had a fever of 103... Then around 10 pm, Brian went to check on her and her fever had spiked to 105!!! As parents... we were freaking out!! None of the kids have ever had a fever we couldn't bring down... nor had it ever been over 103.

I looked at Brian and he looked at me and we were both scared!! I started thinking her tummy ache had a bit to do with the fever and started thinking maybe it was apendicitis. EEK.

Brian and I agreed she needed to go to the ER. So her and I rushed out the door and to Mansfield Methodist.

When we got there... her temp was 104.7 and the admitted her to a room right away.

Alexandra with her "sister" Alexandra. They go everywhere together

Once in they did a couple of tests and then asked for a urine sample!! Seriously? How was I going to get a urine sample from a 3 1/2 year old. But then I remember this bowl/ cowboy hat looking thing they used after I had the kids when they needed to measure how much pee I was producing with out a cath (sorry... TMI). I asked the nurse (who was awesome) if she had one... She got one and Alex pee'ed!! It was perfect <3

After the tests they decided to do X-Rays and an IV...

Saddest face award goes to : Alexandra!!

The picture above was taken right after the put in her IV. As a mom... it was so heart breaking watching my sweet angel get poked with a huge needle!! She keep saying "Mother... please!! NOOOOOOO. OOOOWWWWW. Mother help me" :(

I just reassured her the pain would be real quick. But the 30 secs it took to put in the IV and draw blood and hook up the liquid took an eternity for her and I. Luckily... she got a popsicle shortly after this pic.

After about 5 hours in the ER she was diagnosed with acute pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics.

Following Alex's bout... Gray and I got the same thing on Sunday. Gray's was not too bad and he seemed to be better by Tuesday. I, on the other hand, was pretty bad!! I definitely had it the worst!! 104 fever for an adult is not fun... And unlike Gray and Alex... my pneumonia was in both lungs.

Thankfully, Brian and Dalton stayed healthy. & we are all now over it.