Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dinosaur Stomp

I love dinosaurs!! I always have.

So, when Alex and Grayson started showing interest in dinosaurs a year or so ago... I was excited!!

About that time, we started watching Dinosaur Train on PBS.

We, as a family, ADORE that show. Not only is it entertaining... but it is very educational. It makes learning fun for the kids and that's important. In fact, when your 2 1/2 year old can go to the children's museum and name off the dinosaurs, it's impressive. ;)

Back to the subject!

This past Memorial Day weekend... Brian and I were trying to figure out something relatively inexpensive and FUN to do with our bunch. We had run in sprinklers, played in our mini pool and gone to the park... So we really needed to think out of the box. That's when I suggested Dinosaur Valley.

I knew a few friends had taken their kiddos there.. so I knew it would be fun.. but I didn't know how reasonable it would be!! Brian looked it up and to our surprise it was only $5 per person over 12 years of age (NOT BAD)!!!

We immediately asked the kids if they wanted to see Dinosaur Tracks. The answer, of course, was YES!

So packed up our swimsuits, water shoes, SUNSCREEN, hats, towels, snacks, sippy cups, wagon, water/ sand toys, bug spray, sun glasses, and first aide (you'd think we were going for a week LOL) and headed out early.

We got there around 10am and the weather was perfect. Not too humid... and warm enough to play in the water. Which we did for 5 hours!! & I bet we would have played longer had Brian not spotted a water mocassin. Once he saw the snake... I got the kids out of the water quicker than ice cream melts on a hot summer day. I do NOT do snakes. Call me a wuss... Call me a baby. I do NOT care. LOL

Anyways... here's some snap shots of the day. If you are a local or are planning a trip to Texas, I highly recommend check out Dinosaur Valley. It's fun for all ages.

The prints weren't as big as I expected. I was thinking they'd be HUGE!!

D wasn't sure what was going on.

Alex and Daddy checking out the water and minnows

"Alright... I guess I like this. Don't splash me." - Dalton

Climbing up Mother Nature's waterslide

Sliding down Mother Nature's waterslide

Wadding in the water. The water came up to about the twins knees here