Monday, November 21, 2011

We are 4!!!

I can't believe Alexandra & Grayson are 4!!!

I still remember my last day of work, coming home to the house clean (mom and Gary were here and cleaned the house and cooked dinner)... they were preparing for the next day. The day that the twins would arrive.

When I got home... there was a sense of relief. Then the emotions hit. I was excited. I was nervous. I was sooo HAPPY.

I had a scheduled C-section at noon on November 16.

I woke up after a good night's sleep... took my shower, did my hair and put MAKEUP on. Yes, I am vain. Yes, I know. Brian even told me I was the most vain person he knew... Whateve. LOL I knew there would be picture taken and I had to look good for my babies!!

We waited and waited. I was so thirsty and hungry and of course... I couldn't eat or drink anything. Then the nurse came in and said that there was an emergency c-section and I had to wait.

No prob!! If there was another mama or baby in jeoprady... TAKE CARE OF THEM.

When we finally got called back... I was so excited. I think Brian was extremely nervous.

I did NOT like the fact that I couldn't see what they were doing... especially since I smelt this burning smell!! I asked B what it was and he said he couldn't smell anything. SO, I said it louder!! HAHAHA. The anesthesiologist then said it was me. I didn't realize they used a hot knife to cut me open like butter. GROSS.

Baby A came out first. They showed me Alex. She was tiny and sweet. They cleaned her up... and we took a pic. Her face was so tiny and feminine. She looked like a little girl. She was MY little girl.

Then here came Gray. Screaming and crying and causing a fuss!! He was long and lean and lighter in skin tone then her. His face more masculine. Darlin' lil' man. MY little man.

Brian holding Alex... Me holding Gray

They were both healthy as can be!! No NICU for these monsters. We were so lucky.

And to this day we are so blessed to have in our lives. There personalities are wonderfully different. They are loving and caring. They are growing up to be GOOD little people... and INDIVIDUALS.

I took a few pictures of them on their actual birthday. They have changed so much... yet stayed the same. She is still MY little girl and he's still MY little man.

And our little man!!