Friday, March 7, 2008

... so the journey has begun

Or should I say we are 3 months, 2 weeks and 6 days into it.

My darling twins were brought into this world November 16, 2007. The day will be forever etched into my memories... What sweet memories.

The precious music of crying warmed my heart as tears streamed down my face. The longing to see the faces we had named and loved for over 9 months was over. Our job as parents has just started.

Fast forward to today.

The twins are twice the size they were when they were born!! They coo and ga and I swear say "okay". Their smiles are contagious and if your ears are lucky enough you will hear the sweet sound of baby giggles.

Grayson, Gray, mama's Gray Bug, loves to hear me sing the ABC's. Can I sing? Goodness no. But I will do anything to see the big cheese ball grin he sports even if that means singing off key.

Alexandra, Alex, mama's Lexee Lu , loves to be told she's beautiful. And though I have to "fake" my singing with Gray, I never have to fake the fact that SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL little girl I have ever seen. Her soft brown hair, her grey, almond shaped eyes... and her cute little croaked smile leaves me in "awe".

They have recently started grabbing for things out of their reach. It amazes me. They have reached all of the milestones set for singletons their age though they were four weeks early.

Two days ago, Grayson decided he would use his daddy's hand to pull him into a sitting position. Brian and I looked at one another in amazement!! Our little man wants to sit up on his own. He no longer wants mommy and daddy to prop him up. Man o Man... these BebePod's their Uncle Rudy got them are going to be wonderful in up incoming weeks.

Yesterday morning, I was awaken by giggling. Oh how I love to hear the sound of baby laughter. It can turn a horrible day into a great day. My good friend Ryndi shared a story with me a couple of months ago. Her daughter, Aubrey Boo, was 8 months old. Ryndi had an awful day... and when she got home she was a little down. Well, that's when it happened, Aubrey crawled for the first time. Ryndi and her husband Justin clapped and cheered and then Miss Aubrey did the same thing. Ryndi told me this story and how it effected her. She realized everything was going to be okay. Her story gave me so much strength. Not because I was down but because she was right. We live for our children. Our precious babies. And if I could start each day with a giggle or even a cry for my darling twins it will be a dream come true.


Ryndi said...

I am so glad you started this! It's a great way to share with family and friends and it's such a memory for the twins later down the road!

I look forward to reading all about those little rolling Stones! Eeeeek!

P.S. Every time I think about those two little babies I am reminded that God is so good!

charliegirl said...

Oh Kristi, they are just sooo beautiful!! I see their picture and tears of joy start to well up. I couldn't be happier for anyone. This is such a great site and I look forward to the updates!!

april said...

What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing the site. I know you are busy, but do keep this updated! What a fabulous way to make memories! You are a incredible Mommy and I am so glad you find joy in everything!!