Friday, May 16, 2008

Back to The Future - 6 months ago

November 16, 2007 was a beautiful day. It was relatively warm with crystal blue skies. The wind was blowing gently as if it was rocking a newborn baby. Mother Earth must have known it would be welcoming two new additions.
This day will be forever etched into my memories. This was the first day that my heart would be able to see what it had been loving for so long...
Brian and I were, surprisingly, well rested as we woke up at 6:30am. I am a little vain, I must admit, and wanted to look pretty for my new buddles of joy. I put my hair up in a pony tail, straightened my bangs and put my best make-up face on. I was ready to rock and roll!!
Brian, on the otherhand, was a bit more nervous. He must have tried on three shirts before deciding on his favorite green shirt. He did his hair and even spritz'ed some of his cologne on (which I LOOOOVE the way it smells). Then we were off to Grapevine Baylor!!!
We were supposed to be there at 9am... we were there at 8am. What can we say, we were anxious.

Little did we know, but much to be expected, our wait seemed like eternities!! Not to mention, an emergency C-section stepped into my spot. Not that I was upset, that poor lady had been in hard labor for 22 hours.

I think, when you become pregnant you become more aware of other pregnant women. You understand what they are going through and want to help. At least, I wanted to.

As we waited in our cold, awful, bland little room without a television (it was the prep room) we were surprised by high pitches of laughter and "how are yous" and "congrats". Our parents had arrived LOL.

My mom and step-dad, Gary, came in from California on Wednesday!! They were such a huge help to me the last couple of days before the twins got here. They cleaned and prepared everything since I was still working 9am-7pm!! I am so thankfull for all they did.

Okay... back to the hospital. Our parents came in and said their hellos. Then decided they were hungry (they got there around 11am). So we told them some of the restaurants around the hospital and PURPOSELY left out Bone Daddy's Smoke House. Well, our parents took it upon themselves to look around for a good place to eat. And if you know my family then you know we all LOVE BBQ. So, of course, they spot Bone Daddy's. Little did they know that Bone Daddy's is a little provocative. The attire is similar to Hooters... however, I think it is a tad bit more racy. Thinking about our parents eating at Bone Daddy's before their first grandchildren were brought into the world cracks me up!!!

Unfortunately, while they were gone enjoying BBQ, I was in surgery delivering Alexandra and Grayson.

It was an amazing experience!!

We were and are blessed with two beautiful, HEALTHY, children. We have six months of joy, laughter and love under our belt... and we are ready for another catrillion months!!