Thursday, May 29, 2008

Homemade Nummies!!!

For awhile now, Brian and I have been looking for a baby food processor. Many have asked, why don't you use your blender? Well, it doesn't get it to the consistency I need. Plus it's big and clunky and I can't take it along with us on trips.

Anyways, Babies R Us has been out of them every time we have been there. Which we don't go there very often, maybe once every other month. And Walmart and Target don't carry them.

So, while at Baby Depot (I <3 Baby Depot) Brian spotted a lone baby food processor!! It was only $9.99!!! I was stoked and anxious to use it.

This morning was the first time I got to use it. I washed it with sudsy bubbles and warm water. Then I hand selected some ripe fruit in our fruit bowl. I decided to go with a juicy, nectarine and a banana. The twins have never tasted nectarine but they like peaches so I figured it would be okay. Boy was I wrong!! It wasn't just okay... it was WONDERFUL!!

Alexandra and Grayson gobbled up my homemade concoction of banana and nectarine like it was going out of style. I actually haven't ever seen them scarf down food so quickly before LOL.

Tonight, I am going to boil some fresh green beans and puree them for the twins. I hope they enjoy it as much as I am enjoying making them healthy, FRESH, nummies!


drama queens mum said...

I want to get 1 of those. It sounds like I might have a hard time finding 1 too.

Ryndi said...

You go girl! What a good Mommy you are!!!

~Kat's Life~ said...

aww that is awesome!! And what a great deal you found!!