Monday, July 28, 2008

Beach Baby Bums

Being from sunny So Cal. I LOVE the beach and the water. I remember countless summer days playing in the sand and body surfing with my brother, Rudy. It was an oddity for a summer weekend not to consist of either the lake beach or the ocean beach... I love those memories.

It was important for Brian and I to take Alexandra and Grayson down to the beach together. It was the first time they had ever seen, heard or tasted the ocean. It was a memory I will never forget.

The twins are waiting for mommy and daddy to slather them in sunscreen. I chose to go with Aveno Baby Sun-screen... Sun protection is extremely important to me. And I am proud to say the babies did NOT get a sun burn the whole 9 days we were out in the sun and near the water.

This is the first image of the ocean for the twins. It's pretty gorgeous :)

And now here are some pictures of the twins first day on the beach!! By the way, Gray had rubbed his eyes with his hands right after I put sunscreen on his hands so he got a little in his eyes. Thats why his eyes are red... and it looks like he's been crying.


Anonymous said...

We live on the opposite coast and also love our beach! I bet your "beach babies" are like ours and love to be out no matter the heat...have you heard of Halo Technical Comfort System? The material makes baby's skin stay dry and offers a high SPF. We dress ours in it and know they will be dry and cool. We use Aveno lotion too and our Ped MD says it is the best too....i know you are having so much fun - we live so close, and we go to the beach at least 4 times a week! have fun!