Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My goodness. The twins are all of sudden acting like toddlers!
In less then a month, the twins have cut teeth, and started pulling themselves up on the couch and cruising. These are all huge milestones. I cannot believe it!!
A month or so ago, we were practicing sitting up so that when we went on vacation, the monsters could sit well in the sand and water. Now they are practically running. Okay, they are not running or even walking for that matter. But they are sure getting around.
Grayson was the first to pull himself up on the couch (Aug 16). As we three were playing on the floor... he crawled to the couch to find Bandara and pulled himself up like he had been doing it for years. Alexandra and I watched in amazement.
Then a few days later...(Aug 19) Alex was saying MomMom while I was working, so I looked over to see what she needed and she had pulled herself up on the couch as well!! I was shocked. Usually, Alex is a couple of weeks behind physical challenges. But she was only a few days. I am so proud of both of them.
But with cruising and pulling up comes lots of "oo-oo's" to their noggins. I try to catch them but sometimes I am just not quick enough. We have had NO bruising or lumps. Just some tears. Grayson seems to have mastered falling on his bum. Alexandra has not quite gotten there.
Other things going on...
  • Alexandra has 3 teeth (both bottom teeth and top right tooth)
  • Grayson has 2 teeth (both bottom teeth)
  • Alexandra is still saying MomMom and Dada
  • Gray is babaling a TON and I swore he said MaMa the other day

What we are working on...

  • Clapping... Gray almost did it
  • Patty Cake
  • Waving
  • Gross motor skills.... picking up food with forefinger and thumb
  • Simple words