Friday, August 8, 2008

It's SHOT time again!!

Though a little late, the twins just had their 8 month check up.

Everything went really well, besides, of course, the crying after the three HUGE shots they stuck into my babies' legs. Oh, how my heart aches for them.

For those who have not had the pleasure to see the shots in which I speak of... the needle is approximately 2.5''!!! No, I am not kidding. And it seriously looks like they stick the whole thing into their thigh muscle. OUCH!

I know from have steriod shots the week the twins were going to be born, that shots in the muscles are KILLERS!! And my bum was sore and bruised for awhile. So, I am extremely proud of how they respond to these shots.

Oh... Gray has had a bit of a fever since the shots. Which is completely normal. They will be a little cranky and clingy for the next couple of days. But hopefully not in too much pain :)

Here are their new stats:

  • 17.4 lbs (5th-10th percentile)
  • 27 3/4'' long (50th-75th percentile)
  • head circumference 44 cm (10th-25th percentile)
  • Weight for length percentile is 5th-10th (he's long and lean)


  • 17.6 lbs (25th-50th percentile)
  • 36 3/4'' long (25th-50th percentile)
  • head circumference 44 cm (50th-75th perccentile)
  • Weight for length percentile is 50th-75th percentile (she is plump!)

The babies are developing right on track though they were 4 weeks early. Both have two teeth (lower teeth), both crawl and they are both starting to pull themselves up!! This is exciting for me. I know they are eager to walk... though it means my BABIES will be TODDLERS :(

This is the website I use for the growth calculater

I will post some pictures later today or in the next few days.