Thursday, September 11, 2008

Specialness in Everyday Moments

Well, it's been awhile, and I apologize. There's no excuses that you haven't heard that I can tell you. But for you mothers out there, you know how it is. Sometimes you have a ton of time. And the rest of the time... you wish there were 5 of you!! HAHAHAHA

Anyways, if you were a butterfly in our home you would have seen these precious times in person. But since you are not, I will share them with you.

Alexandra and Grayson are getting so big!! They look like mini toddlers. They both have four teeth; Their top and bottom central incisors.

Alex also had her first busted lip (view picture below). She fell while holding her bottle in one hand and her toy in the other, while trying to pull up on the table. Not fun.

These next few pictures were from this weekend. It had been awhile since we saw GiGi and Grand-Dad (Terry & Craig) so we met them for lunch at an awesome Mexican restaurant and then we went to Terry's parent's (Grammy and Grumps) home. It was a very rewarding day.

This is Grayson's face the moment he heard and SAW the marachi band!! HAHAHAHA

This is at Cracker Barrel while waiting for our food. A' Lu was helping daddy. BTW, I made her hair bow!! Isn't it super cute?!

Aww my little cookie monster!!

With Brian's new job comes a lot of extra hours worked. So he doesn't get to spend quality time with the babies as much as he would like. I try to capture the moments he has with them because I know we all will treasure them later.

The twins helping daddy work on his new car. Don't worry. They were quite a ways a way from the car.

OHHHHH!! The twins are trying to feed themselves. HAHAHAHAHA It didn't go so well the first time as you can see.