Monday, April 20, 2009

Fresh Fruit!!

I have always been taught to support the "little guy" and to buy from local merchants and farmers. This helps the community and that's very important to me. I want to teach those same values to Alexandra and Grayson: They are our future.

So, last year when I stumbled upon Pick Your Own I got super excited!!

The website offers a collection of local farmers, in most states, in which you are able to pick your own fruits and vegetables.

A lot of the farmers are Organic, however, some don't qualify for the name "Organic" since it is VERY, VERY hard to do so. But let me tell you something, fresh fruit picked by you or your family is always the sweetest. The farmers are usually present, so you can inquire about the pesticides and dirt that they use. The farmers are always full of wonderful information and love to share their knowledge

This past week, Alexandra, Grayson and I went to pick strawberries at Gnismer Farms in Arlington.

Their prices were reasonable ($2.50 per lbs for organic strawberries) and their facility was very easy to navigate through.

The farmers were present and they encouraged the children to pick the fruit. I really think it warms their heart to see young children picking their own fruit and eating it. Being healthy is very important. Picking fruit not only supplies you great vitamins... but also exercise!!

We definitely plan on going back to Gnismer Farms to pick strawberries... and Daddy (Brian) wants to go pick Blackberries in May. YUM!!

Here are some other local DFW farms that have spring and summer pickings. Enjoy!!

The Merry Berry Farm Balch Springs, TX
Duck Creek Blackberry Farm Sanger, TX
Larken Farms Waxahachie, TX
Bailey's Berry Patch Sadler, TX
(click on the name for address, and crop times)

Most of the farms have year round veggies... berries in the spring to early summer, other crops later. Larken Farms has peaches (YUM), plums and pears also.
For more information, please visit,Pick Your Own!!

Here are some photos of the kids enjoying their sweet, FRESH berries. It was amazing to see how quick they learned the green strawberries weren't nearly as good as the red LOL :)

I caught Alex sneaking a strawberry but couldn't get a picture of Gray doing it. He is so FAST!!


Ashley Safer said...

Ooo! That looks like so much fun! We may have to go try it. Cade loves "strawbees." :) Thanks for the post!