Friday, April 17, 2009

Hippty Hop Hop!!

I don't think I could have planned a more perfect Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday morning.

The twins and I had made plans to go to church that morning, however, Friday we were struck with a cold which I thought was allergies. By Saturday night, Alex and Gray were both coughing... in fact, the coughing lasted all night!! Needless to say, we didn't go to church. For one, I didn't want us to get anyone else sick. Not to mention, I didn't want to wake them up when they stopped coughing. They slept until 10:30am!!

Anywho, we went to Brian's Aunt Julie & Uncle Bill's house. They have a lovely home and a very LARGE yard for all the kiddos to egg hunt.

Alex and Gray have quite a few second cousins. The cousins(Landry, Brayden, Dakota and Kaitlyn)are wonderful with the kids. They include them in everything. It is so neat watching all the kids interact.

Although, Easter Sunday morning was gloomy and drizzly... it was still very memorable.

Grand-dad, Gray and Brian... three GREAT Stone Generations.

If there are animals around... the twins want to pet and kiss them!! Gizmo was such a kind recepient of those services.

GiGi with Gray and Alex... poor things didn't feel well.

Aunt Jennifer teaching Gray how to play the slots!! C'mon on Gray... mama needs a new pair of shoes!!! By the way, he was putting the quarters in himself and pressing all the buttons himself!! Way to go Grayson!!

The kids LOVE their Aunt Jennifer!! She was pushing them around in the John Deere Gator.

Alex was shocked when she saw all the eggs and candy!!

Alexandra was a natural EGG Hunter!! She knew exactly what to do.

Alex admiring her collection of goodies.

Gray Gray just wanted to run. That boy is NON-STOP 100 mph all the time.

He did stop and gather some eggies though. Man I wish I didn't cut his head off in this picture!!

Gray admiring his collection!! He would run so fast his eggs would fall out and then he'd regather them and do it again HAHAHAH.

They were only together for a split second!! Thankfully, I caught it.

The Family!! Easter 2009