Thursday, April 30, 2009

In the News!!

Normally, I do not discuss my opinions of realty tv "stars" or "movie stars" but two things that are currently in the news has got my wheels turning and GRINDING w/ disgust.

Now, grant it, there are often two sides to every story, and the liberal media sways their viewers to what they'd like them to believe. Brain washing if you ask me...

Those who know me personally, know I am not a Jon & Kate Plus 8 fan. I feel the series was great when it first started and the focus was on the children and bringing much needed attention to multiples and how multiple families work. Now, I feel that attention has been redirected to Kate's obsessive ways. Whether it be about the way she looks (which, her hair cut is AWFUL... and her tanning whether it be fake or bake is gross), her diet (only salads last time I watched - GET REAL!!) or her shopping sprees. I am sorry, I do not want to watch that.

The Gosselins are no longer a family I can relate to.

Which brings me to the real reason I am bloging about this... Jon Gosselin. Dude, are you serious? You are MARRIED, with 8 kids!! I know your wife is crazy... but remember you are in the publics' eye. Everything you do is under a microscope and to claim that lady at the bar was just a "friend" is ridiculous.

Now I am sure readers are going to comment that he's only human and he makes mistakes. So let me address you... those aren't mistakes. Taking off your wedding band when you are out with another woman is an intentional "hook up". Jon is being an awful example of what a man should be to his children.

And as I said before... I know there are two sides to every story... this is written on the side I have seen and read.

Okay!!! Next is Sarah Jessica Parker. Her and her husband, Matthew Broderick are having twin girls this summer via surrogacy.

Now, with having fertility issues... this subject is dear to my heart.

According to the news/ web, SJP and Matthew Broderick have been trying for quite some time to get pregnant... and with failed attempts looked to surrogacy.

Kudos to them for being open!!

However, weren't they living completely seperate lives on the verge of divorce? Hunny, having babies doesn't save a marriage... so I hoped you guys worked all your issues out before bringing two more precious blessing into the world!!

I would like to know what others think... whether you agree with me or not!! So leave me a comment and voice your thoughts


Johanna Simpson Baker said...

Found you via multiples & more. I agree totally about Jon & Kate. Their kids are so cute, and I feel sorry for them... especially the twins who are old enough to "hear things" at school. Love your blog - your kids are cute!
-Johanna (