Monday, October 12, 2009

On The Up & Up

As all mothers/ fathers know... diapers are expensive. Whether you decide to go clothe or disposable diapers you are dropping big bucks weekly.

Since the twins were born, I have been a trusted buyer of Pampers. The newborn sizes up to size 3 seemed to work best for our family. Meaning, minimal leakage!! We had tried Huggies a few times but they didn't seem to do the job as well.

I am in no way bashing Huggies. Babies come in all different sizes and shapes and we found that Pampers worked best for our family. I have friends that swear Huggies are the better diaper. Then there's my dear clothe diapering mamas!! Boy!! They have got a system down.

Recently, Pampers changed their Baby Dry Diapers, the diapers we had been using for the twins since they were in size 1's. Whatever the changes were caused the diapers to leak and to sag in the bottom really bad. Which makes for a very unhappy mommie.

I had to find a replacement...So, I started with Huggies Little Movers. They worked GREAT!! I have no complaints about them.

I thought I had found our new diapers until I was to start potty training and using Pull Ups.

{Future post on Potty training and advice for potty training multiples. I am going to need help ladies LOL}

But then I read a praise on a forum I frequent about the new Up & Up Diapers at Target. They are Target's new brand.

Let me tell you, they are FANTASTIC!! I have had NO LEAKS.

They fit a lot like Huggies Little Movers. And did I mention their cute, blue & green, polka dotted pattern?!

Oh, and I tested these suckers!! This past Saturday, Brian, the kids, Shelbi, Dustin and I went to On The Border for supper. I had changed the kids before we left... We ate dinner and drank lots of water. On the way home, Grayson fell asleep. Well instead of waking him up (he can be a bit cranky if he's woken up) we let him sleep in his long sleeve t-shirt and diaper. The diaper I changed BEFORE dinner (he had been in the diapers for about 2 hours)!!

I figured this would be a test. If he leaked then we knew they were "okay" diapers but not the best.

When I woke up Sunday morning to a bright eyed, bushy haired boy... I picked him and was amazed to find how much tee tee his diaper had held. And did I mention NO LEAKS!!

I was astonished and told Brian. We both agreed these new Up & Up Diapers were our new diapers of choice. And when I told him the price, he was even more happy!!

I only got a pack of 34 @ $6.49 to test them out. My next trip to Target will consist of purchasing a pack of 82 @ $13.69!! I usually pay $19.99 on SALE for a thing of Baby Dry Diapers. So I am very excited!!

We can use to save as much money as possible, especially on diapers, with Baby Stone coming. And you know I will let you know how well the size 1's work once Baby Stone gets here. Hopefully, I am just as impressed!!

BTW, you can order these on-line at Target if you do not have a Target near by.

Oh... and stay tuned for Potty Training complaints, questions, and worries :)


Twincerely,Olga said...

Thanks for the tip! I am going to try them.We always have to use the Huggie overnites but they are expensive.Ready with potty training tips when you are.I will have to jog my memory!!

Deb said...

so glad I don't have to think about diapers...used cloth with Clint (super-mom) when Jodi came along we used both...but mainly disposable...cause we were always on the go...

Anonymous said...

i hate the up and up and find they leak a lot which is unfortunate for me since the only ones that work for my son are the huggies pure and natural which are $$$

Kristi said...


What size does your DS wear? I am curious to see if different sizes perform different as I was only able to try size 4's.