Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy You!!!

A couple of weeks before the twins' 2nd birthday... I started singing "Happy Birthday to You" to them. They had no idea of the significance... but they liked it.

Alexandra would walk around the house going "Happy YOUUUUU. Happy YOUUUUU!!!" and I just thought it was precious... and still do. I really need to get that on video.

Towards the end, Grayson would start saying, "No!!! Noo!!! MomMom stop!!" He doesn't much care for my singing talent. LOL

So, I was worried about how the singing would go during the twins' 2nd Birthday Party on Sunday November 15 (the day before their actual birthday).

Brian and I had cleaned the house top to bottom and even painted. Brian is so amazing. Most men would have let their wives do all the cleaning and party planning... but not my husband!! He was right there with me. He even mopped the morning of the party.

The theme of the party had been planned for months; Bugs.
The menu had been set; Lasagna, Ceasar Salad and garlic bread.
And the invitations were sent.

I was so excited to share the celebration of Alexandra & Grayson's 2nd year with our family and friends!! I just wish my family and close friends from California could have been here... but I know they were here in their hearts and they were in ours.

GiGi and Grand-Dad were the first to show up... They are wonderful!! Terry and Craig made the awesome garlic bread and ceasar salad, which was a huge help. :)

They kept the kids busy while Brian and I finished up what we needed to do.

I finished the cake and cupcakes...

Brian did the balloons...

I think the balloons and cupcakes were the twins' favorite things!! Gray kept letting the balloons go, and Alex kept trying to sneak cupcakes!! LOL

There were tons of little ones running around, a football game on and lots of laughter. It was so nice having everyone over.

Here are some random pictures:


Deb said... gave the twins a great 2nd birthday...they have grown so much since Clint and Tiff's wedding....I'm so excited to have a grandbaby in July....