Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Amazing!!

When I think back to how I thought my life had changed 2 years ago... I am amazed. I had NO idea!!

I knew the love I had for Alexandra & Grayson was indescribable but I had no idea it would grow and grow and grow!!

When my mom tried to describe to me a mother's love for a child... I thought I comprehended it. In realty, I had no idea. Now, to be able to share the feeling with her is wonderful. I am so blessed to have her, Alexandra & Grayson, Baby Stone, Brian and the rest of my family in my life.

In two short years, I feel like I learned more then I have my whole life. I have learned to love in a new way. I have learned baby talk. I have learned that simple things are truly what matter. I have learned that a bad day can be turned into a great day with a simple smile, or an I love you. I have learned my kisses have magic healing powers. And I have learned patience.

Personally, I never thought I was a patient person. I was always rush here, rush there, this person isn't going fast enough, etc. Now, I sit back, relax and let things happen... especially when it has to do with my children.

Yesterday, I had to take Gray to the doctor's office. Brian and I have been very blessed to not have children who are sick all the time. In fact, I think they have a cold once and a stomach thing once, KNOCK ON WOOD!! But Tuesday, when Grayson woke up from his nap, he had this horrible barking cough. It was sporadic and did not accompany a fever or any other symptoms (thank goodness!!). However, Brian and I were worried... so we made an appointment Wednesday morning to have it checked.

Nurse Practioner Becky at Clinical Pediatrics took GREAT care of us while Dr. Elizabeth Dickey was out. She asked some questions, listened to Gray's lungs, took a peak in his ears and throat and listened to his little BIG cough. Her conclusion: Croup.

Croup is an an illness of the respiratory system, usually caused by a virus, involving the vocal cords and upper airways. Thankfully it only last 2-3 days...

Back to the subject: Patience.

This was the first visit to the doctor's office without our stroller. I let the kids walk in holding hands. And you wouldn't believe how well they acted!! I was shocked. Then when Ms. Becky said, "You have wonderful patience with your children. It is so refreshing to see." I was just on cloud 9!! To be recognized like that by someone in the medical profession made me feel great.

And to think the kids taught me this thing called patience. It is just wonderful. I have so much to thank the twins' for. And I can't wait to learn more from them in the many, MANY, years to come.