Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You Missed It!!

That's right folks!! You missed it... but it's my fault you missed it.

As a WAHM (work at home mom) of 2 year old twins, and an infant, things can get pretty hectic!! Our normal days can drive the most sane person crazy.

Have I mentioned how much I love my life lately? Because I do. I wouldn't change a thing, except, maybe, having my family closer (they live in So Cal).

Enough about that though!!

There's a lot I haven't blogged that I thought I would share... this may take two blogs. F-U-N!!

First, I want to touch base on Texas' crazy weather. One day it's snowing, or as Alex calls it "SnowMan", the next day it's 70. Yes folks, that really happens here.

Here is some proof (forgive the photos... I am still learning how to use a D3000 DSLR):
My sweet Lil' Dalton!!
Yes!! You are seeing that correctly... I tried to get all three in a picture and 
GRAY decides to throw a snowball at his 2 month old brother!!!
Surprisingly, there was not one tear shed!! Rather a smile.
"The froliced & played the Eskimo way..."

This was a record snow fall for N. Texas and we enjoyed it very much. In fact, I think it spoiled us. I am NOT going to be satisfied with a mere 1'' or 2'' of snow next winter, so Mother Nature... please come through for the Stone family and produce another foot of snow!! Please & Thank you. ;)