Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our First Day of School

Wow!! Yea, WOW!!

Sometimes, that word describes everything.

Feelings. Thoughts. Actions. Everything.

Last Thursday, Alexandra and Gray started their first day of school. They are attending a local Mother's Day Out program (MDO) one day a week.

MDO allows children, specifically children who stay home, to experience a school environment and to work on socializing skills with their peers to prepare them for the future.

For the past couple of months, Alexandra and Gray have been asking about "school". Some of the twins' older friends are going to school and they wanted to go as well. So, after many, MANY searches I was able to find a one day a week MDO in our budget. Most MDOs are Tuesdays and Thursdays... and while the cost of these programs aren't too expensive... it does get expensive when you double it. Hence, the one day a week program.

They picked out their backpacks and lunch totes... no surprise with Minnie and McQueen!! We put their lunches together. & I picked out their outfits!! LOL. Hey, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do. If I would have let them pick out their outfits Alex would have worn her tutu which she calls her {fufu} and Gray would have worn one of his orange shirts with shorts.

Everything was set out the night before... including what we were having for breakfast.

We got ready and took a few pictures before we headed over to school. Unfortunately, these pictures were taking with my point and shoot and not my DSLR camera so they aren't as crisp. PLUS there was something on my lens... thank you Miss Alexandra.


Gail said...

I love the video. you guys are too too cute!!!