Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BisQuick - I {heart} U

Did the title give it away? Do you know where I am going with this post?

If you are a busy mom like me... then I have something you are going to LOVE!! & while I could keep this secret to myself... I must not be selfish. I must share!!

Bisquick Shake n Pour is fantastic!! It is super quick and fun to use. Even the twins get in on the action.

(I have seen two sizes avaiable... one for $1.36 at Target and the other for just under $2)

All you do is add the amount of water directed on the label, put the lid on top and SHAKE!! This is where the kids have a {blast}. We dance and sing about pancakes and shake shake SHAKE!!

While they are shaking, I am warming up a non-stick pan... low-medium. I do NOT add butter.

Once the kids are done shaking ... I open the top and poor straight from the container into the pan. I usually get about 6 pancakes out of the little container... Which is perfect for our family.

When you see bubbles in the batter... it's time to flip.

The pancakes always come out nice and fluffy. They are not too sweet... and best of all the kids love them!!

We usually pour our Smucker's Blueberry Syrup over the top of them and have a banana, berries or some other sort of fruit on the side. But you can pour whatever you like on them ;)... stack 'em, make sandwiches out of them...just enjoy them and your family.