Monday, October 11, 2010

"I am a Good Mommy"

I am loving this age for the twins!!

Pretend, dress up, COMMUNICATION, potty training, independence, sports.

It's amazing. The feeling I feel knowing that I am the one who taught the kids how to throw a ball, kick a ball, put their pants on, put their shoes on, play pretend, be kind to animals, etc.

So the other day, when Alexandra was playing with "Sally" her baby doll (she has just gotten into baby dolls... it's PRECIOUS) it warmed my heart!!

Alexandra sat "Sally" in the high chair, buckled her in and put a bib on her. Then, she came and said "Mama, Sally is hungry. What can I feed her for lunch?" Awww!! SOOOOO SWEET.

I asked her what "Sally" liked and she said, "Sally likes APPLE SAUCE!!" Ah-HA!! I saw where this was going.

We went into the pantry and got out some of Mott's Strawberry Applesauce. It's fantastic if you haven't tried it!! Alexandra got one of Dalton's spoons... and we sat at our breakfast nook and feed "Sally".

 Alex was so patient with her baby. She talked quietly and loving to her. It was SOOOOO nice to see.

Granted... Alex would pretend to feed "Sally" the apple sauce and then she would quickly put the spoon in her mouth and gobble it down.

I guess, I also taught the kids not to be wasteful... ;)