Monday, October 11, 2010

How Big?!

This past Thursday, Dalton had his 9 month check-up with Dr. Dickey.

Everyone was so excited to see her and I was excited to see how much my little man has grown.

Recently, he has started sprouting TEETH!! September 9th he got his first one (bottom right)... then September 18 he got the bottom left tooth. This past Saturday, the top right tooth cut through.

I cannot believe how much his gummy smile has changed in a month :(

So I knew, when he got his first two teeth, my little baby was growing up.

What was to come next, was a bit unexpected.

Totally fits!!

The wonderful nurse, whose name escapes me right now, escorted us in and had me place Dalton on the scale. Since I have been, somewhat, weighing him at home, I knew he was over 20 lbs.
In fact... here's Dalton's 9 month measuresments:

Height: 29 3/4 inches (85%)
Weight: 20.4 lbs (36%)
Head Circumference: 45 cm (33%)

Long and lean... just like his brother Grayson. Or is he?

Let's compare... Grayson's 8 Month stats. 17.4 lbs!!! Wow. Dalton is 3 lbs more than Gray was... and when you are that small... that's a HUGE difference.

So I bet you are wondering where I am going with this... well take a look at Gray's stats from his 12 MONTH check up!! That's right, his one year check up.


Height: 29 3/4 inches (47%)
Weight: 20.2 lbs (11%)
Head Circumference: 46 cm (37%)

DALTON is as big as Gray, when Gray was a year old!! Wow!! That's my Hoss. :)

Other then his growth stats, Dr. Dickey said Dalton was doing very well.