Saturday, October 2, 2010

Secretariat Date

Let me tell you how excited I have been to go see Disney's Secretariat. Since seeing the preview of the movie based upon the journey of the 1973 Triple Crown Winner I have wanted to see this movie. I love the warmth this movie had to offer... it seemed like an adventure!!

So, when the nice ladies at BlogHer sent out an email stating they had some special screening tickets to see Secretariat... I kept my fingers crossed that I was selected to go see the movie!! & since we don't have a local babysitter (in-laws live about an hour and half away) I was hoping I got enough for the whole family; 4 tickets!!

Needless to say, the ladies came through!!

Throughout the day, the excitement built. I asked the Alexandra and Grayson if they'd like to go see a movie, and the answer, was of course, yes!! After seeing Disney's Toy Story 3, the kids have been asking to go back to the movie theater. When I asked them if they wanted to see a movie about horses... they really got excited!!

The kids {love} horses!!

We picked out our outfits... and got all jazzed up to go on our "date". I was sure hoping Brian would be home in time to enjoy the movie with us but he was not. However, a date with three of my favorite people was still pretty awesome!!

We left the house with plenty of time. A rarity in these parts, let me tell you!! Someone either can't find their shoes... or Dalton poos. Something always throws my timing out of whack. But this night was going smooooooth.

When we got to the Studio Movie Grill, where the special screening was being hosted, we walked in and the nice gentleman asked to see my Drivers License to verify who I was. No problem... EXCEPT, I left my wallet at home and had no idea!!!

Seriously, this has never happened before. I was so disappointed in myself.

I was now going to have to strap the kids back into the car and head home (15 mins), get my wallet and head back. Surely, I would be late to the starting of the movie. Was it even worth it to go back to the movies? Would the kids be cranky!!

The nice man would have let me in... the thing is, I didn't have any cash to buy the twins supper. And since the movie was showing at 7:00pm it was dinner time for them and I had planned to eat dinner at the Studio Movie Grill (think Chili's with a movie screen). UGH!!

At this point, I needed to pull the twins aside & explain to them we had to go home real quick.

Oh wow!! That went over about as well as a fart in church!! 

Gray started whining {shocker} & Alex was pouting. Three year olds can't grasp why this was all going on so I completely understood. Especially, since inside, I was whining and pouting too!! I couldn't believe I did this and felt completely horrible.

& out of NOWHERE!! A nice lady came up to me and said, "I overheard your conversation with the kids," (I was being quiet so she must have seen the tears) "Can I please help?" I simply told her we had to go back home because I forgot my wallet. Her response was, "They are so ready to watch the movie...!! How about I lend you some money and you can mail me a check?"

Really!? A complete stranger was going to lend me money to buy the kids supper and trusted I would send her a check. The world is good.

She asked me how much I needed... and told her $10 would be just fine to get them a little something. She gave me $20 and told the kids to have an awesome time.

Thanks to her, we did!!!

Or sort of did.

We watched about a hour's worth of the movie before Dalton started getting a little fussy. He was sleeping just fine until the lady behind cackled really loudly LOL. By this time it was 8:30pm and really time for us to leave... soo we did. :)

What I saw of the movie was fantastic!! I cannot wait to watch the movie in full. In fact, we may just have a date night at home to do so with p' corn and all!!

Thanks BlogHer!!

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Deb said...

there are still nice people in the world...glad your date didn't get canceled...