Thursday, September 29, 2011

B.U.S.Y. is my Name

Let me start off by saying how THANKFUL I am for being so busy.

I love having three active kids who want to run, play, climb, sing and dance. Not to mention the reading, coloring, feeding, etc. I love that they aren't bumps on logs LOL.

I love having a job I can do from home. Though, I wish I made more $$$ doing it... beggars can't be choosy.

& Lastly, my business Only Prettier is really booming!! I would love if you'd check it out. We have tons of stuff!! Handmade jewelry, hair accessories, home decor, some clothing, shoes, bling, pettiskirts, pettirompers, hats, hand crocheted/ knitted goods, etc.

We strive to be a friendly on-line boutique at a reasonable price.

I love what I do and have met tons of women who want to show support. Even men!!

Right now, we are having a CELEBRATION!! We reached 1000+ Fans on FB over the past week so we are celebrating with a huge auction and games w/ prizes at night.

Everything has been very successful!! But we would love to make it even more successful. So please, join us.

Here's a few of the items we have up for auction. Aren't they awesome!!!

What an awesome Photography Prop or Birthday hat!! This fascinator is held on with a headband so it's easy to wear.
$20 starting bid <3
How darling is this Tiana costume!??! Stand out from the crowd!! Starting Bid $22
Who Whoooo Who Doesn't Love this Owl hat!??!  Hand knit beanie... Starting bid $8

Where are my Funky Chunky Jewelry girls?!!? Starting bid $14!!!! WOW.

Every little girl needs an OTT Bow!!! Starting bid $5!!!

Loving this rolled rosette Boutique Headband. Great for Miss or Lil' Miss. Starting Bid $10!!!

Need a sweet photography prop for a baby - tween... this is it!! STATEMENT!! Starting bid $12

 This is JUST A PEAK. There's tons more stuff and tons more vendors. Come by and check us out <3