Thursday, October 13, 2011

Please, Do NOT Compare

It is so hard for parents and PEOPLE not to compare children with other children.

For a parent with multiple children you always compare. You compare personalities, size, comprehension, what they like, how much they eat, what words they know, etc.

For outsiders... the comparison, in my opinion, is worse. They don't always know the age of the children they are comparing. Some children are small/large for their age so they ASSUME they should act a certain way or know certain milestones.

This frustrates me.

Both of my boys haven't been much of talkers at a young age. They have comprehended simple instructions from a very young age. And know body parts and animals at a very young age as well. But they just don't form their words.

Now, Alexandra (Gray's twin sister), talks all the time and has been since she was 18 mons old.

All three kids were taught the same way... and I have spent extra time with the boys. That didn't change things though. They are just late in talking.

Please, don't think they are less smart.

Just because a child doesn't talk a ton doesn't mean they are less intelligent. You have to analyse the who picture. Grayson's mind works like an engineer. He wants to find out how things work. He has fantastic fine motorskills.

Same with Dalton.

Now... with all that said... I am excited to say Dalton has said Nana - Banana and Dog dog - hot dog or dog for the last couple of weeks!!

His vocabulary now includes : mama, i want mama, dada, bubba, hot, ut-oh, nana and dog dog.

The Stone bunch!! 

What a sweet face