Tuesday, October 18, 2011


On Saturday... the kids, Brian & I were at Brian's parent's, Terry and Craig, home.

I worked the Peanut Festival on Saturday... so the kids got to spend some quality time with GiGi and Grand-dad.

When I got home from the festival, around 6 pm... the kids were outside playing. Alex was showing me her "new" bike which GiGi and Grand-dad purchased at a yards sale. Dalton was running back and forth and Gray was playing with a transformer (nothing new there).

Were wall having a great time. The weather was perfect!!

Gray then switched with Alex. He wanted to ride the bike. He went back and forth on the HUGE porch a few times and then I heard.

"Snake. Mama there's a snake."

Gray had said it so calmly.

I asked him, "Gray do you see a big snake?" As I got up and headed to wear he was. I was a bit nervous actually and was hoping he'd say no.

We have had a LOT of grass snakes in our yard. They are about the size of a pencil. Every time the kids see one... they come get me so I can get rid of the little creature

Soo.... Gray's response was, "Yes... a really big snake!"

So I told him to stay on his bike.

Gray was on the porch, but at the end of the porch. I was at his side in a jiffy pop second and so was his Grand-Dad.

Craig/ Grand-Dad exclaims, "It's a cooper head."

As he was saying that, I grabbed Gray off his bike and rushed the kids in the house until we could dispose of the snake.

I WAS SCARED!! I had never seen a cooper-head in the wild. It was a good width and about 2.5 feet long. He was completely stretched out.

Ballsy Brian squashed his head with a huge rock... the snake was dead. YES. We killed the snake.

Anyways... I was so glad that Gray was so calm, and cool when he saw the snake. He knew exactly what to do; Tell a grown up. I am so proud of him for protecting us. I am so proud of him for knowing and remembering what to do in a situation like that.

They are getting so big!!