Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gimme Some JEANS

And I want them to fit PERFECT!!

Jeans, that is.

I want a good fitting jean.

I am getting to that in between age. You know, not a "junior" anymore and not an old lady.

That's me.

My post baby body hates me and I hate it. I mean. I hate to be "ugly*" but the body is ugly. I appreciate that it works well (for the most part) but there are SOOOO many things I would change.

And though I would love to pour my heart out about my body woes, I will spare you.

All I will say is I want a jean to fit me well. So I don't look like an oompa loompa. So they flatter my figure (which I still have).

I know I have a big butt. I know I have big legs. And I know my tummy will never be flat again (until I get a tummy tuck) but there has got to be something out there for me :(


I put together this outfit on and love it

Red & Gray Classic

But I could NEVER wear that. The model has legs for MILES. I don't. The top I could prob pull off if I had the RIGHT JEANS.

Wanna help?? Comment w/ your fave jeans. And folks. Let's remember I am like a tea cup; small... and round? LOL. Okay, not super round. More like a 10/12 and only 5'2''.

Join me on my jeans adventure!!!

Yes, I know I need to lose like 4 sizes.

*ugly - southern therm for rude, blunt, too truthful


Tami said...

Try Charlotte Russe. Their jeans are inexpensive, come in short sizes, and fit me well. If you buy the expensive designer jeans--wait for the size you WANT to be before you buy them! Good luck!