Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Twins' First Hippty Hop Hop Easter

Preparing an infant, your husband and yourself to go to a family function is a bit stressful. Add an additional infant and things get a little hectic! Diapers get thrown... Shoes get put on the wrong foot...spit-up goes flying. It's like a Family Circus comic.

I knew this going into Easter Day. I have had a couple of practice runs I suppose. But now that the twins are four months old, I feel like I need to "dress" them and not leave them in their "sleep & plays." Man!! I love "sleep & plays." For those of you who do not know what a sleep and play is, and I didn't before I had the babies, its a jumper suit with feet so their tootsies are always warm. They are wonderful!!

Anywho, Brian and I woke up at 7am and started preparing for everything. He prepared his toaster struddles as I prepared the babies'.

I gathered Grayson's romper and Alexandra's dress and made sure that they were ironed. Next, I had to find their shoes. Shoes are very important. They are like the punctuation mark at the end of a sentence; Without shoes, the outfit isn't complete. I opted for Gray's dinosaur Vans and Alexandra's white and pink sandals.

Everything was set out and perfect! Or so I thought. I had not yet made Lexee's flower for her head band!! ack. So I whipped that together quickly.

5 1/2 hours LATER we were ready to go. Everyone was bathed and dressed. I was stoked because we were actually on time. YAY!!! :)

We headed over to Brian's Aunt Julie's house and had a wonderful lunch with the whole family (30 people or so). Everyone was shocked at how big and alert the twins were. The twins were chit chatting with everyone. It was great. And they were absolutely the most precious things there. Granted, I may be a tad bit biased. But seriously, the cutest kids ever!!

The day was a success though the function was half as long as the preparation. Then again, I think that's the way it always is.


april said...

Awww! what sweet pic's! I love the one of you and Brian and the babies. I wish I knew what Grayson was thinking on the picture, he has such a expression! He is looking at his little sister and I think it is he is looking at the is such a cute picture, I love it...actually every picture is priceless. How wonderful that you are keeping this blog updated! Thanks! Love, A.A.