Wednesday, November 19, 2008

12 Months of Memories

It's hard to believe that Alexandra and Grayson have only been in our lives 12 months!! But it's true; Alexandra and Grayson are 1 years old!!
Here are a twelve things I love about each of them!!
  1. Gives the bests hugs... he squeezes so tight around your neck, you think he's gonna pop your head off.
  2. Loves to give kisses... though it's with his mouth wide open
  3. Is such a HAM when the camera is out
  4. Plays peek-a-boo withh himself on a regular basis
  5. Steals his sisters bottle and tries to drink from both nipples at the same time
  6. Loves animals
  7. Loves to snuggle...
  8. Has a fake laugh when people laugh at him instead of with him
  9. His "I am a big boy" attitude
  10. When he makes his monster face and growls!! HAHAHA
  11. His curiousity about new things
  12. When he gives weird people talking to him the "you're an idiot look"


  1. She scrunches his her nose when she smiles
  2. She raspberries at people walking by
  3. She toodles toot toots and looks around like some else did it
  4. Her giggle can brighten anyone's day
  5. She gets excited about such little things to me... that are HUGE to her
  6. She is the best snuggler
  7. She is so proud when she does something new
  8. Claps and shreks with joy when I tell her she did a great job
  9. Loves to sing
  10. Loves animals
  11. Her curly hair
  12. The way she smiles at me


Drama queens mum said...

Aww, that's sweet. Happy Birthday to them.