Saturday, January 24, 2009

Birthday Party Picutes!! Oh boy...

Wow!! Talk about MIA.
Sorry ya'll. Things have been so busy in the Stone house. I have been working more hours, as is Brian. Plus, the twins have a few more needs now. I wish I could figure out how to blog from my email, I think that may be easier...
Back to the subject...
Alexandra and Grayson's First Birthday party
What a day to remember. My mom/ Gramma and Gary/ Grampa flew in from California on the Thursday before the party. They had not seen the twins since April of '08... and boy had the twins changed since then!! All four of them were excited!! Hugs, kisses, and laughes filled my Explorer as we headed home, along with the occasional bark. Gramma and Grampa brought Beezee their toy dauchsaun with them which Alex oggled.
Having my parents here was a huge help!! I was able to go get last minute items, food, and decor while my mom and Gary baby sat. Plus, it made it so much easier to CLEAN!! LOL
The big day came quick!!
I started the day with a plan and agenda/ timeline. I stuck to it mostly, except, somehow I forgot to schedule in a shower and time to get ready LOL. So, in between boiling noodles for the homemade Mac 'n' Cheese and making the pickled tray I ran into the bathroom and got ready.
During this time, guests started showing up. Luckily for me, Gigi, Grand-Dad, Gramma and Grampa were all there to greet them. Along with four dogs!! What a zoo I have here.
It was a wonderful turn out!! We had over 50 people here!! I was shocked and amazed at how many people blessed us with their pressence in celebrating the twins' first year.
We ate, laughed and the children played with balloons.

We went through 45 lbs of brisket, two things of baked mac 'n' cheese, a huge crockpot of beans, tons of rolls, pickles, and peppers and surprisingly, all the SALAD!! HAHAHA.

Grayson and Alexandra were very blessed with the gifts they received. For that, I am very thankfull!! From little books, to a big wagon and shopping sprees at Toys R Us. Thank you to all of you who shared in the joy of our angels.

I am going to end the blog with some lovely cake pictures. BTW, mom/ Gramma and I made the three polka dotted cakes, Gigi brought a chocolate pecan and Grangon brought a chocolate. All the cake was GONE!!