Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Joy of Christmas

This was the twins' second Christmas, however, the first Christmas they were able to really experience.
We started a few new traditions and I look forward to adding to more as they get older.

I felt it important to share the true meaning of Christmas with the babies, even if they can't fully grasp it. We read about Baby Jesus and the gospel and how he has truly blessed each and everyone of us.

We also learnt about Santa Claus. And to my surprise and everyone elses' at the mall... Grayson and Alexandra loved him!! They were in awe over his beard and kept touching it. Thankfully, the Santa at the Parks Mall looked somewhat "real" LOL.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with the Grammy & Grumps clan. Which means lots of GOOD food, laughing, talking, children, people, and DESSERT!!

Then we drove home and had Christmas Eve while talking to Omi, Pops, Rudy, Aunty April, Uncle Harold and Tanya via celly.

It's a Leder tradition to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve... with a big dinner, rum balls and gifts. It was always a treat to go to Omi's!!

Pops and Omi got the kids tons of goodies... and sent Brian and I cookies, rum balls, and chocolates :)

Here are Alex and Gray on one of their favorite gifts!!

Christmas Day was marvelous!! We woke up early, ate waffles and headed to GiGi and Grand-dad's house. Grangon was already there as she spent the week with them. Aunty Jackie and Uncle William drove up there that morning as well.

GiGi/ Terry was cooking a big meal. A beef roast, yorkshire pudding, potatoes, corn, brussel sprouts (my contribution), and of course gravey!! Jackie brought desert... YUMMY pies.

We all had a great time, and it is rumored that this is going to be a new Stone tradition :)