Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Sunny Day @ The Park

Only in Texas is it 80 degrees, sunny, with a light wind on an early January day.

When the weatherman said it was going to be 80 on Thursday... I couldn't resist planning a playdate with our friends Ashley and Cade.

We had been locked up in the house too long!! We needed some golden kisses... some wonderful vitamin D... and of course, we needed a push on the swings.

Now that Alexandra and Grayson are walking, they love getting out and climbing on things. That also means I am running everywhere to keep up with them LOL. Thankfully, Ashley is great at multitasking. :)

Cade, Ashley and Brad's son, is just a few months older then the twins. It's amazing to see what different milestones he has acheived in those short few months. It gets my excited about the months to come!!

This summer is going to be amazing.

Here are some pictures of our day.

Cade (in red), Gray (in blue), Leca (in peach)... Cade looks so much taller then the twins!!
Alex and I were playing peek-a-lu!!

Gray getting ready to go down the slide for the first time EVER!!

Gray have a freaken BALL on the swing!! Look at all those teethers

I surprised her... love her wind blown look. Look at her tummy :)


Ashley said...

I love these pictures and your description of our day is beautiful! Fun day!!