Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fashionably Frugal

I am a clothes hound. There's no denying it. In fact, it's my mom's fault. She is one... her mother is one and so on and so forth.

But ever since having Grayson and Alexandra my shopping habits of changed. I have stopped purchasing cute blouses, strappy heels, premium denim, and trendy things for myself. Partly because I am still trying to get use to my mommy body [ for those who have had multiples or even c-sections... you know what I am talking about. That extra puff right above your c-section scar. Or even excess skin that has never gone back to normal. THANK GOODNESS FOR SPANX!! ]. And partly because I want my babies to be the center of attention. I want people to notice their sweet faces not my wide butt. LOL

Thankfully, there are wonderful consignment/ resale stores here in DFW; Kid 2 Kid and Once Upon a Child.

Kid 2 Kid is my favorite!! They seem to be a bit more tiddy then the others plus they offer maternity clothes and other goodies like hair bows, tutus, ballet costumes, shoes, etc.

I have gotten a lot of great deals from Kid 2 Kid!! My MIL, Terry, is always shocked when I tell her about the new treasures I find there. For example, last weekend I popped in to our local Kid 2 Kid and I found an ALMOST NEW Sesame Street pack and play for $30!! What a steal. I bought it so we can keep it at my in-laws home so the babies have a place to rest when they spend the night and I don't have to haul our pack and plays everywhere. Plus, that same day, I got Gray a pair of Osh Kosh denim over-alls for $3.99, a pair of Childrens Place camo shorts for $3.99, and some shirts. Alex got a brand new dress w/ tags for $14.99 for $5.99, a NWT shorts for $1.99 and more!! I got a ton of things and spent at LEAST HALF the amount I would have spent at name brand stores.

So... check out your local childrens' resale/ consignment shops and SAVE $$$!! Oh and did I mention you are recycling as well... :) GO GREEN!!