Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yay for Gray!!

For family members and those who have been following our blog for awhile, know that Gray has always been long and lean.

In fact, at his 15 month check up, he was only in the 8% for his weight... which wasn't good.

Since then, I have changed the twins' eating habits. We no longer have three meals and snack throughout the day. Instead, we have four meals a day which seems to have fixed Gray's weight issue!! Thank goodness.

The kids eat very well.. and are not picky. They enjoy whole wheat noodles, cheese... any kind of cheese, "dogs", chicken, turkey, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, 12 grain breads, sweet potato fries, FRUIT, etc. Everyone is always impressed with how well they eat.

It was just getting the right amount of good fats and proteins in their diet in order for them to gain weight which was tricky.

So, back to Gray... Yesterday, we went and saw Dr. Elizabeth Dickey, the kids' pediatrician. She was very, VERY happy with Grayson's progress.

He gained quite a bit of weight and is now in the 19.9% for weight. That is the highest he has EVER been since being born.

Not to mention, he went from a vocabulary of 5 words @ 15 months... to 25 words plus animal sounds!!

The kid is an allstar!!!

Here's Gray's measurements:
height : 32 1/2'' (50.4%)
weight : 23.8 lbs (19.9%)

Alexandra measurements:
height : 32'' (54.7%)
weight : 24'' (42.2%)

Here is the Growth Calculator we use. It's a great tool to keep track of your child's progress :)