Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Watch Me Grow

When Dalton was born, we had no idea what a large, long baby he was going to be. I, personally, thought he was going to be in the mid 7lbs range and about 20'' long. As we know, from reading Let the Intros Begin, that wasn't the case.

Last Thursday, Dalton, Grayson, Alexandra and I headed up to Dr. Dickey's office for Dalton's 2 month exam.

We love seeing her. Dr. Dickey is such a wonderful person and even better doctor (if that tells you anything!!)

First thing they do is weigh my little D Dub. He is growing nicely. Next, they measure is length... such a wiggle worm!! Then it's off to the exam, eyes, nose, throat, ears, joints, etc.

Thankfully, we get the "He is doing great!!" speach. And let me tell you, that is such music to a parent's ears. We all worry about the health, growth and progress of our children, so when a medical professional reassures you that everything is going well... it's a huge sigh of relief.

Here are his stats:

weight : 12lbs 14oz (73%)
(he hadn't eaten in 3 hours)

length : 24'' (73%)
head circumference : 39.5 cm (36%)

Bath time before the doctor's appointment. I think it's his favorite time besides eating.

Aww... shot time :( Poor little dude.


Deb said...

wow he's so cute...Clint was 9 1/4 and 21 inches when he was born....Jodi was 7 lb 15 oz and 20 inches...she seemed so tiny..