Friday, January 29, 2010

Seriously, Pampers and P & G?!

Back in October, I blogged about how I thought Pampers had changed their diapers and how they were no longer working for our family.

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In the back of my mind, I thought I was wrong. But then, others started making the same complaint. In fact, Baby Cheapskate did a huge review on this.

Well this morning, I was reading the news feed on my Facebook account and saw that Baby Cheapskate had written a new blog regarding Pampers' diapers, once again.

P&G has stated that they did, in fact, change their Cruiser diapers in the summer of '09. However, the new diapers concoction (that is what it is) was only released in parts of the U.S. of A. I guess Dallas, TX was part of their research spectrum.

Anywho... Here's what P&G said it a press release:

"Pampers Diapers invented the Dry Max technology and applied it to the current Swaddlers and Cruisers core, which allows the diaper to be thinner than before. This game-changing diaper - Pampers' driest ever - helps lock wetness in for up to 12 hours and its less bulky design helps give flexibility and comfort - perfect for all of babies' play. The new diaper design also helps families reduce their impact on the environment by containing 10 percent less material weight. In fact, if current North American Pampers Swaddlers and Cruisers users switched to the new Pampers Cruisers Diapers with Dry Max diaper, they could together throw away the weight of 1 billion less diapers every three years.... "

While I support the fact that P&G is trying to be "Green" and reduce the amount of diaper waste, I do not support the fact that these changes were made without consumer notification. Nor do I feel that my baby/ babies should be used as guinea pigs for a new chemical. In my opinion "Dry Max" is a chemical. And yes, I know there was a "keep dry" chemical in the old diapers BUT those diapers had been on the market for years and it wasn't anything new. (new things are a bit scary to me)

Ad Age also did an article on this and in their article they state:

"The new diapers do cost less for raw materials, packaging and shipping, but P&G isn't lowering the price. The company has, however, also made a substantial upfront investment in overhauling its production lines that will take time to pay back, Ms. Allen said, though she declined to say how much time."

Now this also annoys me!! Seriously.

Procter and Gamble Co. deceives the public by completely changing their diapers without telling the consumer. They get tons of negative feedback on their own website, blogs, twitter, and facebook. Yet it's the consumers fault and the consumer is going to have to pay more for diapers that cost less so that P&G can pay for their huge marketing ploy.

Well guess what P&G, I do NOT want your free diapers. I do NOT want your coupons. I will NOT support your diaper line. I am very, very happy with Target's UP&UP brand and so are my babies' tushies.

Oh and did I mention Target is having a sale on the Up&Up brand diapers? Well, they are. Buy four packs or more and get an extra 15% off (or buy three or more and get an extra 10% off) with code URTYJLI8 (exp unknown).

Your total for four 96-count boxes will be $41.07 (pre-tax). That's under .11 each for size 3. Free shipping.

Review Request:

Has anyone tried the Up&Up training pants? If so, how did they work?

The twins are going to start potty training here in a few months and I would like in put before I get there. (Potty Training tips are welcome too!!)


Kim said...

Just saw this on the Multiples & More blog...don't know if we're in the "testing" area, but my husband and I noticed a change in the diapers around October as well...I'm glad to know that I'm not crazy!

Ashley Safer said...

Can I have your coupons then? ;) lol